On the Radio

SC FairTax is running this 60 second radio ad on Columbia station WOIC (AM-1230) starting tomorrow on the program On The Radio With Bill Frady, which runs Mon. – Fri. from 7-10 am.  The ad, which is narrated by the voice of the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week”, encourages SC FairTax supporters to contact their State Legislators and ask them to pass the South Carolina FairTax Act.

Click to Play Radio Ad

Bill Frady’s radio program has a large Columbia audience and has a statewide on-line following, streaming live at http://www.stickam.com/OTRWithBillFrady.  Bill discusses issues which will make South Carolina more competitive, like the South Carolina FairTax!

We received good news today as two more House members, Representatives Joshua Putnam (Anderson County) and Eddy Southard (Berkeley) became South Carolina FairTax Act co-sponsors, bringing the total to 67.  We are also adding candidates who are making the South Carolina FairTax Act issues in their 2012 campaigns, including Senate candidates Katrina Shealy, Deedee Vaughters aRich Bolen, and Jim Lee and House candidates Samuel Rivers, William Gray and Stephen Goldfinch.

Rep. Bill Taylor (Aiken) was a presenter for SC FairTax at the Jan. 16 South Carolina Tea Party Convention and drove home the point that his colleagues in the General Assembly are hearing from you.  Keep up the intensity and keep the focus on passing legislation that will increase your take-home pay and enable South Carolina businesses to expand and hire!

John Steinberger