Ways and Means Hearing May 29

After 3 years, the South Carolina FairTax Act (H-3116) is finally receiving a House Ways and Means subcommittee hearing. We want you to attend the hearing Wed., May 29 at 9 am in the Blatt Building (probably Rm. 521) at Assembly and Pendleton in Columbia. The subcommittee members are Representatives Rita Allison (Chair, R-Spartanburg County), […]

Tentative SC Fairtax hearing May 14th

Many people don’t like reading about things but will watch short video clips.  Last week, videographers Larry Brewer and Cynthia Altizer recorded people talking about how eliminating the state income tax would help their families or their businesses.  Please click on these 3 short videos in the link below, watch them and share them on Facebook […]

Tax Day Hangover Press Conference – April 16th in Columbia


Frustration over our inefficient income tax system usually reaches a peak the day after the Apr. 15 filing deadline, especially for those who just had to write a big check to the government! We will use that moment to hold a Tax Day Hangover press conference Tues., Apr. 16 at 11:30 in Columbia at the […]

SC FairTax Act Up To 49 Co-sponsors!

11 new co-sponsors signed on to the South Carolina FairTax Act (H-3116) in the House Wed., Feb. 6, bring the total to 49. The South Carolina FairTax Act eliminates the state income taxes and replaces our current sales tax code with a 6% sales tax on all new goods and services. Business purchases used to […]

House Adds 25 Co-sponsors

The South Carolina FairTax Act (H-3116) gained momentum in the House Tues., Feb. 5, as 25 co-sponsors were added! South Carolina is in a race with North Carolina, Louisianna, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma to join the 9 other states with no income tax. The South Carolina FairTax Act eliminates the 7% personal income tax and […]

SC FairTax Act Adds Co-sponsors

Rep. Bill Taylor (Aiken County) announced that 6 new co-sponsors were added to the South Carolina FairTax Act (H-3116) Wednesday. Rep. Taylor is a primary sponsor of this legislation, which eliminates South Carolina’s income taxes, along with Rep. Eric Bedingfield (Greenville) and Tracy Edge (Horry). The new co-sponsors are Representatives Mike Sottile (Charleston County), Nelson […]

South Carolina FairTax Act Re-introduced

A new session of the South Carolina General Assembly convened Tues., Jan. 8 and the South Carolina FairTax Act (H-3116/S-185) was re-introduced. The lead sponsors on the House Bill (H-3116) are Representatives Bill Taylor (Aiken County), Eric Bedingfield (Greenville), and Tracy Edge (Horry). It currently has co-sponsors Joe Daning (Berkeley), Don Wells (Aiken) and Deborah […]

Stop the Tax Hike!

FairTax Kellys 5

I received a “Stop the Tax Hike” email from my Congressional Representative Tim Scott today. Tim is proud to be a member of the Republican coalition promoting the “Stop the Tax Hike” campaign launched last Friday, July 27, 2012. I applaud Tim and his fellow members of Congress who are truly serious about meaningful, beneficial […]

Please make this call TODAY!!


Another legislative year has passed and South Carolina is still saddled with a job-killing 7% personal income tax rate.  It is time to start talking to our elected leaders about making the South Carolina FairTax Act a legislative priority in 2013. We have a consumer-driven economy.  The best way to enable businesses to grow and […]

Rivers Says SC FairTax Plan Good For Small Business

We have to make South Carolina a good place to own a business; that means reforming our tax code – beginning with eliminating the small business income tax – so it is flatter and fairer and no longer places so much of the burden on the small businesses that drive our economy. South Carolina Fair […]