Tentative SC Fairtax hearing May 14th

Many people don’t like reading about things but will watch short video clips.  Last week, videographers Larry Brewer and Cynthia Altizer recorded people talking about how eliminating the state income tax would help their families or their businesses.  Please click on these 3 short videos in the link below, watch them and share them on Facebook […]

Tax Day Hangover Press Conference – April 16th in Columbia


Frustration over our inefficient income tax system usually reaches a peak the day after the Apr. 15 filing deadline, especially for those who just had to write a big check to the government! We will use that moment to hold a Tax Day Hangover press conference Tues., Apr. 16 at 11:30 in Columbia at the […]

Stop the Tax Hike!

FairTax Kellys 5

I received a “Stop the Tax Hike” email from my Congressional Representative Tim Scott today. Tim is proud to be a member of the Republican coalition promoting the “Stop the Tax Hike” campaign launched last Friday, July 27, 2012. I applaud Tim and his fellow members of Congress who are truly serious about meaningful, beneficial […]

Please make this call TODAY!!


Another legislative year has passed and South Carolina is still saddled with a job-killing 7% personal income tax rate.  It is time to start talking to our elected leaders about making the South Carolina FairTax Act a legislative priority in 2013. We have a consumer-driven economy.  The best way to enable businesses to grow and […]

SC FairTax wins “Scarecrows on the Square”

Scarecrow on the Square

We are proud to announce that SC FairTax has been awarded FIRST PLACE in the Civic Division for the “Scarecrows on the Square” exhibit on display in Summerville in Hutchinson Square. The decision making process was tabulated by observers who liked the display so much they were willing to donate their hard earned after tax […]

Redstate Coverage of SCFairtax

A group called South Carolina FairTax sponsored the recent RedState gathering in Charleston. The group is in the vanguard of the so-called Fair Tax movement, advocating on the state level what has been discussed on the federal level for many years. South Carolina state rep Bill Taylor addressed the RedState gathering to explain the advantages […]

RedState Gathering In Charleston Video Coverage


SC FairTax is a major sponsor at the Aug. 13 RedState Gathering at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston. The event is an annual conservative bloggers conference, and the speakers list at this year’s event includes Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Jim DeMint, Rep. Mike Pence (who is running for Governor of Indiana), and Texas Gov. […]

House Ways and Means Committee To Hold First Hearing On FairTax


House Ways and Means Committee Chair Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) has announced that the committee will hold hearings on the FairTax Tues., July 26. Among the experts scheduled to testify is former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. The FairTax Act (HR-25/S-13) was first filed in Congress in 1999, and the July 26 hearing will be the […]

Sponsors of the SC Fairtax


We would like to thank the many supporters of the SCFairtax for their continued diligence and efforts to see Fair Tax become legislation in South Carolina. Please take a moment to thank them personally for all they do to help us succeed. God bless! ************************************************************************* Sen. Larry Grooms District 37 – Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, and […]



March 30th, 2011 was a gloomy day in Columbia, SC, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of FairTax supporters from across the state who came to witness the official launch of the South Carolina FairTax Act (H3993) in the State House of Representatives. Speaking to the media at a 2pm press conference were House Representative […]