Tentative SC Fairtax hearing May 14th

Many people don’t like reading about things but will watch short video clips.  Last week, videographers Larry Brewer and Cynthia Altizer recorded people talking about how eliminating the state income tax would help their families or their businesses.  Please click on these 3 short videos in the link below, watch them and share them on Facebook and Twitter!


In other news, I had an opportunity to meet with House Ways and Means Chair Brian White last week, and he agreed to schedule a hearing on the South Carolina FairTax Act on May 14, 15 or 16.  The subcommittee members are Representatives Rita Allison (Chair, Spartanburg County), Gary Simrill (York), Murrell Smith (Sumter), Leon Stavrinakis (Charleston) and Lonnie Hosey (Barnwell).

You can contact any member of the House by e-mailing FirstLast@SCHouse.gov.  For example, if you wanted to ask Rep. Stavrinakis for his support, e-mail him at LeonStavrinakis@SCHouse.gov . Always be polite and offer specific reasons why passing the South Carolina FairTax Act (H-3116) would help your family or business and our state!

Keep communicating with your friends, neighbors and State Legislators.  The word is getting out on how the South Carolina FairTax will create prosperity!

John Steinberger