House Adds 25 Co-sponsors

The South Carolina FairTax Act (H-3116) gained momentum in the House Tues., Feb. 5, as 25 co-sponsors were added! South Carolina is in a race with North Carolina, Louisianna, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma to join the 9 other states with no income tax.
The South Carolina FairTax Act eliminates the 7% personal income tax and the 5% corporate income tax and changes the sales tax code to a 6% sales tax on all new goods and services. Purchases made by businesses to produce goods and services, purchases for education and training and purchases of used goods will be exempt from the sales tax.
The lead sponsors for the House bill are Representatives Bill Taylor (Aiken County), Eric Bedingfield (Greenville) and Tracy Edge (Horry). The co-sponsors added Feb. 5 are Representatives Murrell Smith (Sumter County), Jay Lucas (Darlington), Greg Delleney (Chester), Ralph Kennedy (Lexington), Chip Huggins (Lexington), Wendy Nanney (Greenville), Bill Chumley (Spartanburg), Doug Brannon (Spartanburg), Mike Pitts (Laurens), Mark Willis (Greenville), Mac Toole (Lexington), Tommy Pope (York), Rick Quinn (Lexington), Kenny Bingham (Lexington), Dennis Moss (Cherokee), Alan Clemmons (Horry), Joshua Putnam (Anderson), Garry Smith (Greenville), Dan Hamilton (Greenville), Steve Moss (Cherokee), Rita Allison (Spartanburg) and Mike Forrester (Spartanburg).
Previous co-sponsors include Representatives Joe Daning (Berkeley County), Don Wells (Aiken), Deborah Long (Lancaster), Nelson Hardwick (Horry), Kit Spires (Lexington), Mike Sottile (Charleston), Roland Smith (Aiken), Bill Hixon (Aiken), Gary Simrill (York), Todd Atwater (Lexington), Samuel Rivers (Berkeley) and Donna Wood (Spartanburg).